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‘This is our Home’ A Poem by Bench Africa

27th April 2020  
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While Australians are unable to immerse themselves in the faraway experiences right now, Bench Africa is encouraging travellers to ‘Paws and Dream’ of that African Safari.

From drifting down the watery wilds of the Okavango Delta or gazing at the endless safari scapes of East Africa, retreating to a luxury ecolodge in the world-famous Kruger National Park or indulging in the gourmet cuisine and world-class wines of South Africa’s Cape Winelands, a holiday in Africa is the chance to shake off the stresses of daily life and replenish the soul.

Australians love to travel. It’s our collective passion and for some of us, it’s even our job. So, whilst for now, we may live in a world locked down with limited international mobility, we know that Australians will be using this time to dream up plans for their next travel experience. Each of us needs to have something special to look forward to for when the clouds clear and the sun begins to shine again.

Bench is operating now with a full team and a positive outlook and will continue to inspire Australians to pursue their dreams of travel to Africa, planning for a little later.

You must come and stay but for today just 'paws and dream'

This is our home
It’s a noisy one
We’d love to have you visit
Our roommates are a little weird
But we think they’re exquisite
The garden needs a little work
And the traffic can be heavy
But we’ve got everything you’d need
And views that you will envy
When the day to day just disappears
And there’s social isolation
You get a chance to reconnect
and spark imagination
When scary things are outside the fence
It’s probably best to hide
But there are comforts to be had
When sheltering inside
This is what life is all about
This pure simplicity
Of real connection, exploration
And a well-made cup of tea
And so we’ll put the kettle on
We’ll pile the cakes with cream
We’ll have you round for tea one day

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