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Nicki De Jager

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Devils Pool Bench Africa
Nicki De Jager

What is your Top Tip for Travel in Africa?

Don’t try and pack too much in! The drives can be long, so spend more time in one place and savour the time you have. Africa is a multi-trip destination, after all.

What's your Most Memorable Moment in Africa?

Without a doubt, spending time with the gorillas! We had trekked 6 hours to get to them and it was so worth it. They were so much closer than I had expected. Seeing animals in the wild is mind-blowing after you’ve only ever seen them in a zoo. It’s a totally different experience. And it’s totally addictive. 


Nicki's husband is from Cape Town so she has spent a fair bit of time in Cape Town, seen Victoria Falls from the bottom, the top and from the sky. She's been swimming in the Devils Pool, and trekked through Bwindi to spend an hour with some of her closest friends, the Mountain Gorillas. Nicki joined the Bench team in May 2019, and she is delighted that she now has the opportunity to talk about Africa, to anyone who will listen!