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Bench Agent Portal

Here at Bench Africa we are always trying to help make your Africa business grow and also be as easy and stress free as possible.  With that in mind we recently released our new Agent Portal which combines several areas to help you develop this lucrative (and easy) part of your future business. You can create your own login and access the Agent Portal at any stage by clicking on the embedded links or via the link below.

A look inside the Portal

Training Resources

We know that Africa can be an intimidating place to sell which is why we made a series of tools enabling you to understand the destination better.  This includes “How to sell Africa” guides as well as detailed destination packs.  For more detailed training you can also access..

Safari School

This is our indepth Africa training system, comprised of a series of short videos detailing the business of Africa, common questions (and misconceptions) as well as a breakdown of the major areas and attractions of Africa.  Through these videos and quizzes you’ll gain a better understanding and confidence in Africa and all it’s facets.

Marketing Tools

This area contains anything you could need to market Africa to your clients. There are editorials, flyers, email signatures, a free use image gallery, social media ready files as well as an updating monthly special.

Video Library

This section contains a wealth of video content from short ads to longer videos showing the magic of Africa. There is also quite a number of Virtual Reality videos so you can immerse yourself in the continent from the comfort of your home or office. All videos are able to be shared and downloaded.


This section contains all the information you need to work on your own group trip to Africa including sample marketing and our easy to use Group Development Booklet, or “Group Menu”. It features common questions and sample itineraries that you can utilise to run your own group departure.

And the list goes on. If there is anything missing that you feel you would like to see please get in contact with us and we will get to work. In the meantime, have a look at the Agent Portal and get in contact with your State Manager to get that business growing.