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Kenya’s Park Fee Increase: What You Need to Know

by Bench Africa
6th November 2023 Kenya, News
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Wildebeest Migration on Safari


Kenya's wildlife reserves, including the iconic Masai Mara National Reserve, are set to see revised entrance fees soon. The Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) and Narok County Council have proposed these changes, with an expected implementation date in January 2024. The primary aim is to ensure the effective preservation of these natural treasures for generations to come.

Understanding the Park Fee Adjustments

A significant alteration to the fee structure is the shift from a 24-hour to a 12-hour charging system. This transition has already been initiated. In practical terms, if visitors don't leave the park by 10:00 AM on the day of departure, additional day fees will apply. This affects those with late departures or afternoon flights.

Proposed Seasonal Park Fee Structure From 2024


Parks Low Season High Season
Masai Mara National Reserve USD 100 USD 200
Tsavo East National Park USD 35 USD 80
Tsavo West National Park USD 35 USD 80
Amboseli National Park USD 80 USD 100
Lake Nakuru National Park USD 80 USD 100
Meru National Park/Aberdares USD 35 USD 60
Nairobi National Park USD 100 USD 100
Mount Kenya National Park USD 30 USD 60


Furthermore, the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has mandated that all those visiting The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Nursery are required to pay park fees for Nairobi National Park. This is a shift from previous practices, where such fees were not required for visitors to the Elephant Nursery.

The Impact on Your Safari Experience

While these fee adjustments may seem substantial, they are expected to have a positive impact on the parks:

Enhanced Conservation: The increased revenue will bolster conservation efforts, including more ranger patrols, anti-poaching initiatives, and wildlife protection measures.

Improved Infrastructure: The additional funds will lead to better-maintained roads and park infrastructure, enhancing visitor experiences.

Protection of Biodiversity: The parks can intensify their efforts to safeguard Kenya's diverse and rich biodiversity.

Enriched Safari Experience: Travellers can look forward to a more fulfilling safari experience in the high season, with the prospect of fewer vehicles, all while knowing their contributions support the preservation of this unique ecosystem.

Though these changes may impact your budget, they are crucial for wildlife and ecosystem conservation. Your contributions will play a pivotal role in protecting Kenya's natural wonders for future generations.

Please be aware that these proposed fee adjustments are a result of decisions made by the Narok County Government and the Kenya Wildlife Service, and once we receive final confirmation, they will apply to bookings from 01 January 2024 onwards. Bench Africa will contact affected travellers to settle these fees separately.

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