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Visa Requirements for New Zealanders travelling to South Africa

by Lara Behrens
9th January 2017  
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South African Tourism has announced that as of 16 January 2017 New Zealand passport holders will require a visa to travel to South Africa.


Q: What if I am travelling to South Africa before 16th January 2017?

A: The revised visa requirements for New Zealand passport holders will only come into effect from 16 January 2017.  If a traveller from New Zealand travels to South Africa before the 16th January 2017 and returns after that, that traveller does not need a visa, therefore departing the Republic of South Africa after the 16th January 2017 will not pose a problem as there will be no requirement of a visa when departing.


Q: I’ve already booked my trip! Do these change affect me?

A: New Zealand passport holders with already booked flight arrangements travelling before the 16th January 2017 are still exempt from visa application and can travel to South Africa, but those needing to travel from and after the 16th January 2017, regardless of whether or not they have already booked their flights, will need to apply for visas amidst existing plans.


Q: How do I apply for my South African visa?

A: All New Zealand passport holders wishing to apply for a South African visa must do so in person at the South African High Commission in Wellington, New Zealand as per the South African Immigration law and regulations.


Q: How long does the visa process take?

A: Turnaround time for visa issuance is between five and seven working days and this entails;

  • applicants submitting their applications in person;
  • meeting the requirements as detailed on the Department of Home Affairs website i.e. visa application, valid passport, ticket or itinerary for travel, bank statements and any other document  required at the time of application.  Please visit for more details on documents required to apply for a South African visa.


Further Information

  • Any further queries regarding turnaround times of visa applications can be directed to Mr David Jordaan, one of the managers in the mission in Wellington who can be contacted at
  • New Zealanders living anywhere else in the world (including Australia) that do not have permanent residency in that country, have to go back and apply from the country of origin (in this case Wellington and NOT in Canberra, Australia).
  • If transiting through OR Tambo International Airport, Lanseria, Cape Town or King Shaka airports, New Zealand nationals do not need transit visas, but if transiting through other ports, transit visas are required.
  • For more information the South African High Commission in Wellington, New Zealand can be contacted.
  • Any telephone enquiries on consular matters will be taken on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 09h00 and 12h00 (midday). Please however note that no telephone calls with regard to consular matters will be taken on any other day or outside these hours. The telephone number to use is + 64 4 815 8484.


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