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Wild Luxury in Zambia, with Nina Karnikowski

by Nina Karnikowski, Travel Writer
12th November 2016 Safari
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Nina Karnikowski travelled to Zambia with Bench Africa to experience one of Africa's best kept secrets. Flying under the radar, Zambia's borders contain an abundance of wildlife, roaming through lush wetlands and populating the country's top-notch game reserves.

Incredibly Nina caught this incredibly rare and action-packed sighting of a young elephant fending off 14 lions on camera!

Published in 5000 newspapers, magazines and websites across the globe including New York Post, Huffington Post, Daily Mail UK, news.com and National Geographic, and aired on TV in over 80 countries.

"There are moments in life when I feel overwhelmed. When I feel like I can’t be bothered to go on fighting, like I’m just about ready to throw my hands up in defeat and just give up. But now, when these moments arise, I’ll spare a thought for Hercules. The little elephant who decided that actually, life is worth the fight."

Aside from her once in a lifetime safari sighting she stayed in some ultra luxury properties.

Here's what she had to say... 


The votes are in*, the people have spoken, the word is out.

Zambia, that little nugget of a land-locked African nation, is where it’s at for the sophisticated, off-the-beaten-track safari experience.

Just ask Jonathan Scott**, one of my dear friends, who travels there regularly for the abundant and diverse wildlife.

Or, ask the random lady I met whilst luncheoning on a sandbank at Sausage Tree Camp who told me, “Zambia is where the sophisticated traveller goes on safari, darling.” We nodded knowingly at each other as we sipped our Pimms cocktails, while I subtly made sure the Supré label was tucked right into my T-shirt.

Anyway, if the camps I stayed in during my eight day safari there in November were anything to go by, then Zambia really is where it’s at for a pimping safari experience.


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