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The entrance gate to the most famous part of the Dune Namib – and no doubt one of Namibia’s most notable sights – is located at Sesriem. From there it is still another good hour’s driving to Sossusvlei. 'Gathering place of water' the Nama called this place. And indeed – amongst the high dunes of the enormous sand sea there is a clay pan, which was clearly formed by water. The pan only fills up once within several years, though, when there has been sufficient rain in the catchment area of the Tsauchab. Usually Sossusvlei is totally dry. The famous star dunes of Sossusvlei tower around the depression, offering thousands of themes to photographers – the most beautiful ones early in the morning and late in the afternoon when light and shadow create a more three-dimensional appearance of the landscape. Do not hesitate to climb a dune! Only from the top will you experience the sheer size of the dunes, and your effort will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the sand sea.

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