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Where is my free gift?

Thanks for visiting. We love getting free stuff at conferences and to be honest we love getting free stuff anywhere. That being said all of this free stuff has a very high cost, both literally and environmentally.

At the end of the day most of these free gifts are done for the lowest possible price point and purchased in bulk. A lot don't last long and even if they do it doesn't mean you won't throw them out immediately or eventually when you clean out your office or back room. This isn't to mention the cost of flying them around the world to the brand head office and then onwards to your conference.

We've decided to make a change.

The money that we would have spent on your merchandise item we have instead donated to a cause that needs the money more.

The SwaVana Children's Project is a charitable trust that looks after at risk children and those affected by HIV/AIDS, either directly or indirectly.  They run drop in centres and provide them with cooked meals, clothing, hygienic and medical support. They also provide support for young mothers to break the cycle of poverty and enable those babies to have a good start in life. Most importantly they give the children a community and support system that they may be lacking, enabling them to commit to education and be motivated responsible adults.

A total of $4000 from this conference has been regifted to someone who needs it more.  Thanks for your interest and your understanding.

For more information on the Swavana Children's Project, please visit their website.