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Other Areas of Interest

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Morocco is a vibrant country with a unique culture of all its own. From the markets of Marrakesh to the desert culture of the northern Sahara Morocco is an icon of travel. Entering into the country from across from Spain or flying into one of the international airports is simple and Morocco can be an easy country to visit. Most itineraries will differ between the shorter trips involving the cities only and the longer trips involving a visit up the Atlas mountains. Either way there really is something so very exciting about visiting Morocco.


Dive into the clamor and endless spectacle that is Morocco’s dynamic city that offers palaces, gardens and bustling souks (markets).


Lose yourself in the exotic charms of a medieval city filled with sights, sounds and smells. And of course the famous hat bearing the same name!


Laze by the sea in Morocco’s coolest and striking resorts.

Atlas Mountains

Trek deep into a world to discover the beautiful scenery, amazing colours and the incredible Berber villages.

Sahara Desert

World’s largest hot desert and a famous location. Surprising for some it also is home to a wide variety of animals.


Oman is a taste of the traditional Middle Eastern experience and an great antithesis to the glitz and modernization of the UAE’s Dubai and Abu Dhabi. A visit to Oman is to experience the natural beauty of the region and to enjoy something truly authentic.

Your major entry point in Oman will be Muscat, the capital city and a short flight from most middle eastern hubs.


One of the most enchanting cities on the Arabian Peninsula and the nation’s capital. Also home to the famous wine!

Musandam Peninsula

Located at the northern tip of Oman, Musandam Peninsula offers some of the country’s most spectacular scenery.


One of Oman’s most captivating destinations with a bustling souk and a superbly restored 17th century fort.

Salalah and the South

A sub-tropical region which borders the Arabian Sea and is home to the legendary Queen of Sheba.


The Four M’s are often forgotten in regards to Africa and are missed from most itineraries. Although the grouping of “The Four M’s” has been created by us as a way to remember them it each offer something unique and appealing to visitors.


Madagascar is known for its unique animals that have developed there due to its isolation, almost like the African Galapagos.


Capital city of Madagascar. The Zoma is one of Africa's biggest markets where you can purchase anything from fresh fruit to household goods.

Andasibe Reserve

One of Madagascar most popular parks that is home to a large variety of lemurs, birds, reptiles and invertebrates.

Nosy Be

Beautiful beaches, lemurs, chameleons and various other species. Ideal location for those who are limited on time.


Malawi is located just to the north of Zambia but not being a major safari destination isn’t on the radar for most people. What you will find are friendly people and an alternative to a safari experience. The major attraction here is Lake Malawi, a massive lake also known as the Calendar Lake for its dimensions (356km long, 52km wide). Discover untouched islands by Kayak, commune with the underwater world or kick back on a near deserted beach in a different sort of relaxing beach holiday.


Mauritius is home to hospitable people, delicious cuisine, miles of sandy beaches and array of watersport activities. It is great for a resort getaway, honeymoons or family holidays and also an option for stopovers on the way to/ from Africa.


A perfect mix of adventure and relaxation, taking in rare wildlife and stunning scenery. Mozambique really is quite large running from Southern Africa up towards East Africa so could be an option for either. If you have ever dreamed of staying on a private island or walking along pristine white beaches Mozambique could be the place for you.

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