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8 Ways to Enjoy an “Iso Safari” During Lockdown

by Nicki De Jager
14th May 2020 News
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While we hunker down and wait for the storm to pass, we are spending more time indoors, and depending on technology to transport us to the far-flung destinations we would much rather be. Luckily we have advanced tech to help us do this! You can now have a leopard sit on the couch with you in augmented reality or join in on a yoga class over Zoom. This technology is certainly not new but it is great to see the broader community embracing it more.

A lot of the resorts have always had web cameras.  Now we are spending more time watching them while we sit at home and wait for the day we can head over to Africa once again.  So, we have had a look around the world wide web and spoke with some of our friends in Africa and come up with a list of different ways to safari at home. 

Sabi Sands, South Africa

Every Monday, join Ulusaba Private Game Reserve on a Game Drive around Sabi Sands with their #sofasafari. Instagram Live videos are only available for 24 hours so make sure you keep an eye on when they are uploaded. Videos go live 3.30pm BST which is 10.30pm EST.  

Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia

Imagine you are sitting on the edge of the Zambezi River in Lower Zambezi National Park.  Bring Zambia to you, with a live webcam of the river. 

Tsavo East, Kenya

Looking directly at a Watering hole in Tsavo East this webcam is monitored and will zoom in on any animals in the vicinity. It’s a great way to take in an African sunrise and see the various species that live on the African plains. 

Greater Kruger Reserve, South Africa

Not a live webcam, but this 3-hour YouTube Live video is a Sunset Safari in real-time in The Greater Kruger Reserve.  There is a new video daily. This is what it is like being on a real safari with the cameraman in the back and not only do they have the live videos where you can ask questions but safari guides will give information just like they would on a normal safari. The video I tuned into on the 14th April followed a wild dog pack on a hunt!  

Tinstswalo, South Africa

Tinstswalo in Kruger Reserve have a web cam facing their watering hole which is a very popular spot for animals. 

Savanna Private Game Reserve, South Africa

Savanna Private Game Reserve has launched a Stay@Home safari on YouTube. These 20-minute videos are a collection of highlights of their morning and evening game drives. Savanna is in Sabi Sands which is known for big cats and the team at Savanna sure do find a number of cats including 3 male leopards in one afternoon. 

Satao Camp, Kenya

Satao Camp in Tsavo East has 5 boreholes, which means they always have water in their watering hole… even during the dry season. This webcam is looking right at the one closest to camp from a lookout tower, hopefully, you can get a glimpse of the stunning red Elephants of Tsavo. With this one, ensure you are using Google Chrome. 

Africam Live, South Africa

Africam offers a live feed and they also have a highlight video.  There are several live cameras overlooking waterholes from different places in South Africa.  

Now don’t spend too much time sitting in front of these live feeds. It is easy to get lost in the experience and waiting for something to happen.  Or do.  Spend your time in self-isolation how you like.  We are always here with more suggestions on what you can watch, read, cook, experience to make you feel you are closer to Africa. 

And finally, you can join our Facebook group, My Travels with Bench Africa, where you can join us for free yoga, cooking classes, and more.

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