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Mountain Gorilla Numbers on the Rise in Africa

by Lara Behrens
22nd June 2018 Staff Recommended
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It’s another win for conservation as a recent survey has shown numbers for the endangered mountain gorilla have risen to over 1000 individuals. This is up by 200 since the last survey. Over 600 individuals now live in the Virunga Mountains, a volcanic mountain chain bordering Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Reupublic of Congo. The other (approximately) 400 live in Bwindi National Park, further north in Uganda.

It wasn’t so long ago that the numbers were less than half of that but dedicated conservation efforts have seen numbers slowly and consistently  rise. Anti poaching patrols and habitat management have both played a significant role in this recovery, the second being the biggest factor in the conservation of most wild animals. Tourism and general interest in these animals has seen local economies realise the financial importance in these animal wellbeing as well as the overall ecological importance. Former poachers have retrained as gorilla trackers and it is heartening to see that they now play an important part in the gorilla tracker experience, using their unique knowledge to locate and guide tourists for their visits.

Although they still have a long way to go this recent survey gives us confidence that the plans are in place for a long term, sustainable tourist experience that works in the best interests of both the wildlife, the locals and the visitor.

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