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Lara Behrens

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Lara Behrens was born and raised in Kenya and spent several years living in Ireland and England before migrating to Australia. Lara has worked at Bench Africa for over six years and previously ran an events company bringing with her a fantastic new insight and a wealth of marketing skills to Bench. Lara's family owns and operates safari camps in Kenya so she grew up on safari and has travelled extensively around Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Africa.
Lara Behrens

What was your most Memorable Africa Moment?

I think my most memorable Africa moment would have been going on a camel safari in northern Kenya when I was 12. Seeing the wildlife on foot is a completely different experience and sleeping under canvas really gives you a feeling of being at one with nature. To this day it is still one of the best things I’ve ever done!

What is your Favourite African Hidden Gem?

Satao Camp. I never feel more at home anywhere in the world. In its rustic simplicity it lets nature do the talking. My favourite animal is the elephant and I love the fact that without even having to leave camp you can watch them all frolicking at the waterhole. Stay there in the dry season and you are guaranteed to see hundreds of elephants in camp. It’s a magical place!


Bench Africa is a member of a select global portfolio of companies that promote Africa tourism, all owned and operated by Lara's family. With more than a decade of experience in the travel industry, Lara's career began as a Reservations Consultant at Southern Cross Safaris, the parent company of Bench Africa, in her hometown of Kenya. She then moved to the UK, where she developed her leadership skills in the events industry.

Lara plays a pivotal role, overseeing all aspects of the business with much of her time spent on marketing and public relations. Her personal connection to the African wilderness, having spent her childhood on safari, has instilled in her a profound passion for the diverse responsibilities she undertakes within the business.

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